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Skills, Learning & Training

Discover practical and relevant learning opportunities at Real Purpose.


Our training covers essential aspects like self-confidence, personal development, job preparation, and interview skills. Whether you prefer face-to-face community sessions or online learning, we provide accessible pathways to acquiring valuable skills.


Stay updated for advertised training sessions often in collaboration with local employers. Realise your potential with our straightforward and impactful programmes designed to empower your growth.

What We


Training for our Clients

  • Confidence-building

  • Motivation

  • Personal Development

  • Job Preparation

  • Interview Skills


Training for Employers

  • Recruiting Staff with Mental Health Issues

  • Managing Your Staff with Mental Health Issues

  • Mental Health Awareness for Employers


Vocational Skills

We are collaborating with local employers to jointly provide courses in vocational skills, for example: social care, retail, warehousing.


Training for Professionals

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Personality Difficulty Awareness

  • Recruiting Volunteers with Mental Health Issues

Upcoming Courses

While qualifications are important, many employers value qualities like adaptability, enth
Empowering You for Employment, Volunteering & Learning Opportunities

Would you like to work or learn but do not know how or where to start? This course is to empower you for employment, volunteering and learning opportunities.

We do this by helping you identify your strengths, equipping you with the practical skills for finding opportunities, such as job searching and carrying out interviews effectively as well as answering questions on whether or not to disclose your mental health challenges to a new employer.


We also help you gain knowledge and skills for overcoming mental health barriers to working, through accessing voluntary work and learning opportunities as these can be valuable stepping stones towards ultimately finding a job, or for them to become your end goal, as it all helps your mental health recovery, quality of life and builds confidence.

This course is delivered by Real Purpose with the Leicestershire Recovery College.

Course Date: Thursday 1st August

Course Time: 1-3pm 

Venue: Atkins Building, Hinckley

Leics Recovery College

Register Your Interest

More information and course dates are coming soon. Please register your interest below and we will be in touch when these are available.

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